Health experts believe the novel coronavirus, which causes the potentially deadly COVID-19 disease, is transmittable through surfaces, including paper money, that have been handled by an infected person.
World Health Organization (WHO) has refuted claims that the virus is transmitted through cash, it advises that “It is good hygiene practice to wash your hands after handling money, especially if eating, caring for children or handling food.”
With Nigeria’s confirmed cases of the COVID-19 rising daily, the next few weeks will be critical to our success in containing this pandemic and controlling its impact on our economy. We believe we will overcome this plague.
1.Clergy/Imams should encourage their members to embrace electronic digital money transfer platforms convenient to them.

  1. Members who are bothered by transfer charges can adopt payment of offerings weekly/ monthly especially salary earners.
  2. Use of Point of Sale (POS) should be encouraged with thumb clove(if available) and hand sanitizer used before and after payment is done.
  3. Worship centres can place wooden/metal/vault-like offering box with an opening to drop cash at the entrances for their members to drop offering either entering/exiting the worship centres.
  4. Worship centres with a membership of 10 – 30 can place offering bowls /baskets/boxes on the aisle with social distancing enforced to drop their cash at announced period.
  5. Members should be encouraged to place money for projects/tithe in envelopes from home and drop in designated boxes/bowls provided.
  6. Trained personnel with facemask and gloves on should be assigned to collate the offering for counting and thereafter wash their hands.
  7. Passing of offering bowl/basket within members should be discouraged.
  8. Rowdily Spontaneous offering should be discouraged.
  9. Worship centres can sanitize the cash for operations or deposit at their Banks.
    Please stay safe, wear facemask in public places, wash your hands and practise social distancing.