Millipedes are worm-like arthropods with cylindrical, shiny bodies. They are brown to black in colour and are about one to two inches long. The legs of a millipede often give them away.
While millipedes do not bite or sting, millipedes have bristles that can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.
Elimination /Control

  1. If there is a very damp area of your home, try to dry it as best as possible.
  2. Focus on the area of your home that is infested; if you want to use pesticides, only treat this area.
  3. Seal all possible entry points that the millipedes are entering in from, and sweep or vacuum up any dead millipedes.
  4. Try to remove as much excess organic matter as possible like piles of weeds, leaves, papers etc.
  5. Over-mulching and overwatering can create damp environments for many pests, not only millipedes. Avoid overwatering and use rocks or other materials instead of mulch if possible.
  6. Always pick fruit or vegetables as soon as they are ripe to prevent millipedes (and any other pests) from using them as a food source.
  7. A residual insecticide can be applied around the perimeter of your home and on the foundation walls and on window and doors (outdoors).
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