1. Ensure your children do not eat snacks on their bed or fall asleep while licking sweets.
  2. Do not leave bottle, can or used glass cup for wine/soft drinks at your bedside over-night except water. This is to avoid ants entering ear en route to the brain or nose.
  3. Avoid leaving late-night snacks (popcorn, cake, biscuit, chocolate wrappers, small chops) on stool/couch or the floor overnight.
  4. Do not leave dirty dishes in sinks overnight.
  5. Do not keep a waste bin with organic waste (food/fruit) in your kitchen overnight.
  6. Clean food/oil spill from cooking gas and surfaces after cooking.
  7. Mopping of kitchen floor is ideal after dinner rather than the following day.
  8. Make sure garbage cans and recycle bins are sealed/covered and place far from your home/kitchen entrance.
  9. Seal up any entry holes and opening in doors/windows of your home.
  10. Remove any paper, woodpiles or debris around your home.
  11. Make use of antiseptic wipes/liquid of your choice in mopping, cleaning toilets/kitchen.