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McGivtas Global Resources Limited was incorporated July 2013 as a limited liability company with registered head office in Ogun State and branch office in Lagos State, Nigeria. McGivtas set up to provide integrated and customer-oriented services in the construction and transport sectors of the Nigerian economy.

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Pest Control

We engage combination of several methods to prevent and manage pest problems without harming you, your family or the environment.

Facility Management

Asset Tagging is the process of affixing labels, tags, radio frequency identication (RFID) on fixed or moveable assets to identify various assets through out their useful life.


McGivtas Corporate Strategy team serves as your Chief Business Advisor assisting you in bringing your strategy to life and being your advocate when needed.

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Tips on Pest Free Home

Ensure your children do not eat snacks on their bed or fall asleep while licking sweets. Do not leave bottle, can or used glass cup for wine/soft drinks at your bedside over-night except water. This is to avoid ants entering ear en route to the…

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